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Having difficulty with SANergy


I am currently using the Tivoli software SANergy in my SAN environment. I am having difficulty getting it to work with the three E class servers accessing the same disk. Are you familiar with this software? If so, how do I get around asynchronous traffic bottlenecking on the two hosts that do not "own" (but rather access via NFS and metadata) the shared disk?


I have never used SANergy but I understand its basic structure. Furthermore, I assume it works some of the time for you or you wouldn't be looking HERE for help.

With those assumptions in place, I suspect network bandwidth could be your problem. I assume you are using 100BaseT Ethernet. This is roughly equivalent to 10MB/sec access - pretty slow by storage standards. If by any chance you are using 10BaseT (yes, ten ~1MB/sec) that is definitely a problem although upgrading is not necessarily going to make the problem go away, it might just move to someplace else.

So, if you have 100BaseT links between your servers you might want to analyze the load on those links to see if they are saturating. If so, you might try implementing multiple load balanced NICs (or load balancing multi-port NICs) in your servers, especially the metadata server.

Of course, the other fix for network congestion is to move up to Gig Ethernet.

If the network is not the problem then I suspect locking is.

Marc Farley

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