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Hard to pin down TCO numbers

Just wondering if anyone has any "industry accepted" numbers on storage TCO (cost per GB per year) in a corporate environment. We've seen numbers ranging from $2000/GB/yr to $120/GB/yr - a big range - even if you consider the differences between NAS, DAS and SAN storage technologies. If there are any reports or white papers that provide current TCO numbers for storage, I'd appreciate it hearing about them.

My general rule of thumb is 10 cents a Megabyte but it all depends on a number of details.

Recently acceptable numbers:

NT/Netware - 3 to 7 cents MB, depending on availability SLA and subsystem
Unix - 7 to 9 cents MB, depending on SLA and subsystem
Mainframe - 10 to 12 cents

Prices are stabilizing within these parameters.


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