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HSM products from Veritas, Legato and HP

Hi, I'm looking for a HSM solution for a customer who wants to put data that is rarely used on less expensive media. There should be some means of intelligence behind it. It doesn't concern e-mail archiving, but rather the archiving of thousands of pictures. Can you tell me what products are available from Veritas, Legato and HP?
There are quite a few Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) solutions currently available on the market. But to specifically answer your question, here are your options. Legato offers DiskXtender (formerly OTG DiskXtender). It now also supports AIX and some flavors of Linux in addition to the original support for Windows. Veritas also offers its own brand of HSM called NetBackup Storage Migrator, which supports Solaris, HP-UX, Irix and Windows. Finally Hewlett-Packard has HP HSM which part of their HP ILM offering. As you may have guessed by now, the term HSM has been somewhat upstaged by the "buzzword du jour" known as ILM (information Lifecycle Management). In any case, some important factors to consider when evaluating HSM solutions are OS support and integration with backup software.

It should be noted that beside the ones I just mentioned above, there is also a number of other HSM solutions to choose from.

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