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I'm using ARCServe 2000 on a W2K terminal server. ARCServe 2000 usually fails due to error #6300, unable to find media device on a SCSI cable or something to that effect. Then, if you attempt to set up another backup, ARCServe 2000 will not see any media in the tape drive (12/24 DAT Compaq drive in a Compaq machine, on same cable bus as the two hard drives). If you reboot the terminal server, ARCServe will see the tape. I truly believe that it fails due to the fact that somebody logs into the terminal server because it will backup at times with no errors. Computer Associates says that it is a hardware issue. Compaq says it is ARCServe. What do I do?

I would try something other than ARCServe to back up to the tape drive. Start with NETBackup. If it DOESN'T work with NETBackup, then you DO have a hardware problem. But if it's able to back up and restore with the drive with no problem, then you don't have a hardware problem.

If it appears to be a software problem and you really want to start some fires, download an evaluation copy of another commercial product and try that. Then call CA and tell them the your evaluation version of backup product XYZ seems to work just fine but ARCServe doesn't. Ask them what you should do now.

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