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Gateway management strategy

My company is looking at the possibility of implementing a NAS (to go along with our SAN) to handle the workload of the file servers.

Is there an advantage to running a NAS filer (say from NetApp) within its own system, from the vendor, with a complete disk enclosure over using a NAS head in front of your SAN device and using the disk attached to your SAN array?

To gateway or not to gateway. The issue is one of management strategy. If you're adding NAS and you already have a SAN and management practices for allocating resources, a gateway may fit your overall strategy for storage management much better than having a NAS box with completely separate allocation and management controls.

There are several NAS gateways available and I'm impressed with most of them. So, if you have a SAN and management controls for storage, putting in the gateway is probably a good step for you.

Randy Kerns
Evaluator Group, Inc.

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