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Explaining the essence of disk-to-disk backup and its advantages

Can you explain the essence of disk-to-disk backup? What changes need to be implemented in Veritas' and Legato's products to make this happen? What are the advantages and where would you recommend disk-to-disk vs. disk-to-tape be used?

Very few changes are required for NetWorker and NetBackup to use disk in your backup system. In Networker, you configure a file type device. In NetBackup, you configure a disk-based storage unit. Then send your backups to that device. It's as easy as that. I would duplicate those backups to tape in most environments, of course.

This topic was covered at length in a previous article of mine in Storage magazine. The big difference is that disk does not need to be streamed, making it wonderful for typically slow backups like incremental backups, transaction log/redolog backups and backups of clients on slow networks.

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