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Explaining clustered NAS

Being a research student in SAN/NAS, I am keenly interested in knowing about new developments happening on the server side of storage and new trends with the changing phase of business storage requirements.

In that context, I would like to know about clustered NAS appliance products available in market, relevance and impact to storage requirements of content hungry business solutions, vendors information, etc.

Also, since most of the vendors are coming out with products that have specialized features that are differentiated among themselves either in terms of business requirements, technology advancements or need based, what do you think should be appropriate marketing strategy for them under such scenario.

First about clustered NAS. Network Appliance has it. I'm not sure who else is selling specialized clustered NAS solutions. Certainly NFS servers can be put together in a cluster, same for Microsoft server systems.

As to the open-ended marketing question you posed, I'm sorry but you need a detailed case study for relevance. Sweeping generalizations of marketing strategies gets otherwise intelligent engineers in trouble all the time. A company that I'm involved with called Teach2Fish ( http://www.teach2fish.com/) helps technology companies with out of the box thinking on market strategies.

Marc Farley

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