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Exclusive mode for a SAN disk drive?

Exclusive mode for a SAN disk drive is explained.

I allocated one LUN to NT system to one our customer and drive letter for this is D:. Customer complains "It is showing it in exclusive mode." What is exclusive mode for a SAN disk drive?
Ask your customer in what context and from what display or utility they are receiving the message that the disk is in exclusive mode. This will help you understand why a disk may be in exclusive mode.

Exclusive mode on a Windows and NT disk can mean different things for both local and external (SAN) based disk storage. In a nutshell, exclusive mode is used to protect and maintain data integrity for a disk device.

For example, in a clustered or shared access environment, a specific server needs to have exclusive access to a disk or LUN at a time. For NAS or Windows shared storage, the server that has primary attachment to the LUN may have exclusive access to the disk. Another example of exclusive mode is when a maintenance or system tool needs to take exclusive access of a disk or LUN for some specific purpose.

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