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Evaluating a backup solution

Dear Mr. Farley,

I am a junior engineer in storage technology. I am helping to evaluate a centralized storage solution for my company and the backup solution is below. I am looking for your opinion as to my current design of the configuration.

The TLU is an ADIC Scalar 100 AIT2 tape library with SCSI interface.
The RAID is a Compaq MA6000.
The FC-to-SCSI is a Compaq MDR.
The servers are Sun 280R.
The FC-SW is Cisco switch.
The FC-AL is a fibre Hubs.
Also, I use Veritas, NetBackup and DataCenter v3.4 running on server 1
And they connected as follow:

|TLU  |
|FC to SCSI |
|bridge     |                 +-------+
+--+--------+                 |server2|
   |                          +---+---+
   |                              |
+--+--------+     +-------+   +---+---+
|FC-AL      +-----+server1+---+FC-SW  |
   |                              |
   |                          +---+---+
+--+--------+                 |server3|
|RAID       |                 +-------+

Do you think this is feasible? Does it make sense? Do I need NDMP and NDMP compatible TLU, storage in this configuration? Anything else that I missed here that I mentioned above? And, I am assuming this can be a LAN-free backup, right? Can I say I implemented SAN architecture in this configuration?

I thank you very much, your opinions will help me a lot!

Sorry, but reviewing SAN designs is way outside of the scope of this function. Get professional help, I think you?re going to need it.

There are a couple of problems with your drawing/design. Cisco doesn't make an FC switch. So I don't know how to interpret what you have there. In addition, you can?t have LAN free backup if only one of the servers is connected to the backup library. The drawing you have with the fictitious Cisco FC switch shows servers 2 and 3 routing their traffic through server 1 to get to the tape library. This would only happen with a LAN as there are no ways to transfer backup data through another server on a SAN. LAN free backup infers a direct connection (could use a switch or hub) between servers and tape.

Marc Farley

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