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Estimated data growth in 2003

Can you indicate the volume of data that has been/is being created? Several years ago, UC Berkeley stated that "The volume of data being created will grow from 6,000,000,000GB (6 billion GB) at the end of 2001 to 24,000,000,000GB (24 billion GB) by the end of 2003." I'm just wondering if the 2003 number is fairly accurate? I ask because I am studying the impact of data growth to selling storage systems and services.
In 2003, we estimate about 1,400,000 terabytes (TB), up from 900,000 TB in 2002. Keep in mind that a good percentage (40-60%) is not populated in 2003. We are seeing growth rates in the teens for the next few years, but much slower rates for NEW storage systems (single-digit growth).

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