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Eight warning signs you may need to consolidate your data

How do I know if I need to consolidate my data?
1. Your server administrators are putting in long hours to keep everything operational, and those cheap external disks fail way too often.

2. Your team seems to always be more busy fighting fires, rather than implementing new core business strategy.

3. You have no way to share the ample disks in one server with another that is running out of space.

4. You need to plan server downtime for disk administration.

5. You have been tasked to save money by reducing your expenditures, and to do more with less, but your servers are running out of PCI slots for adding disk adapters (and there is no more internal room to add disks, so you have to buy more servers).

6. Your network is getting slower, and backup is taking too long.

7. Your servers are running out of disk space faster than before.

8. Your server admins are overworked and are becoming dissatisfied. They also want to learn new technologies.

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