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EMC Symmetrix data migration

What is the best method for migrating data from an EMC Symmetrix system to an EMC Symmetrix DMX located same building. The attached hosts are running W2K and Solaris. The organization does not want to use EMC's SRDF software because of downtime. Some hosts have data volumes created by Veritas Volume Manager.
You can either use EMC's Open Replicator or Data Relocation Utility (DRU) (available for Windows today and Unix in Q305, according to EMC). The choice would depend on your service levels and migration objectives. With Open Replicator, you can drop the Symmetrix DMX between the host and the donor storage and repoint the application to the Symmetrix DMX. Then you can access the data via the Symmetrix DMX, while the data is being copied to the Symmetrix DMX in the background.

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