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Don't believe everything you hear

Dear Sir,

I am the IT Technical Evaluator for a government financial institution in Bangalore, India. After evaluation, we found IBM 226, Compaq N2400 and Procom 1750 were meeting our requirements for NAS within our budget. Procom 1750 is the most competitively priced. However, we got an expert opinion as given below:

"The Net FORCE 1500 is an old product. While PROCOM has been making good products from 1987, it is right now in loss and its stock value has plunged to $1.5 (on 7th April 2002). If the company does not make profits, it may be difficult for the company to continue after some time. This immediately brings into question the maintenance and support aspects.

Series Net FORCE 3000 from Procom is the equivalent product comparable to IBM and Compaq offerings."

Kindly give your feedback to help us decide on a NAS. Is it advisable to buy Procom NAS in spite of its poor stock prices? Can we get maintenance and support from them? We were satisfied with the product during the trial run. Feedback from the present customers of Procom is also fine. Your comments please on which among the three is a better product.

I'm not sure who you got the response from but if it was a competitor, I would be very distrustful. Procom has been in the business for quite a while and has delivered excellent products. They show no signs of being in trouble (any more than anyone else in the storage business right now) so I would not hesitate to buy their 3000 product.

All of the products and the vendors you listed are excellent and if they meet your needs, you should feel confident. The distinguishing features may be in the software functions provided to enable point-in-time copy or remote copy and failover. You need to understand your needs now and in the future to determine which products satisfy them.

A competitive analysis is either done by a storage professional or as a chargeable service from an analyst organization. If someone gives you a comparison for free, you may have gotten what you paid for.

Randy Kerns
Evaluator Group, Inc.

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