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Does Veritas NetBackup support BCV backup?

Does Veritas NetBackup support BCV backup? I have worked on EDM (EMC Data Manager), where I can configure BCV backup very easily. I'm not sure how to do it in NetBackup, however. Does VNB support direct storage-to-TLU backup (server free), or we have to mount the BCVs on another server for taking the backup? Can you help me?
You can perform BCV backups using Veritas NetBackup ServerFree Agent 4.5. Veritas refers to this method as Extended Frozen Image Services (or Array Integration Option), which allows you to back up an EMC TimeFinder-created BCV across the SAN. Without getting into the configuration details that are available from the Veritas documentation, the overall setup is relatively straightforward.

The server whose data you want to back up must have access to the EMC disk array (obviously) and you must configure EMC TimeFinder to create a BCV for the data you want to back up. Then you have to grant read access to the BCV on the SAN to the NetBackup Media Manager. During a backup, the Media Manager will access the BCV (referred to as Frozen Image by Veritas) and back up the data across the SAN to its configured backup storage devices (i.e.: tape library.

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