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Does PCIe SSD live up to the hype?

Dennis Martin, independent SSD expert and founder of Demartek, discusses PCIe SSD in this Expert Answer.

PCIe SSD seems to be all the rage right now. Is that the best way to use solid-state or is it just a lot of hype?

It is certainly a good way to do it. With PCIe SSDs, you have a lot more bandwidth available to you, but the disadvantage is you are located in the server, so there are some limitations there as far as number of slots and how well you can share, which is a little bit different than in a SAN or that sort of architecture. Certainly, for bandwidth and low latency, it is a great thing to do.

There is also SCSI Express, which is SCSI, but on a PCIe bus. You are starting to see a lot of activity move toward PCIe solid-state in some fashion.

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