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Dell clusters

I am trying to set up a cluster with two Dell PowerEdge 6450 servers, one Dell PowerVault 660F and two 56F switches. I have two QLogic 2200 HBA cards on each server. However, when I run QLogic's Config utility on one of the servers, I see the LUNs on only one controller but not the other controller. I have the exactly the same configuration on the other server and I can see all the LUNs on both controllers.

I checked cables, drivers and controllers and they are all ok. And, there's no zoning setup. What might be the possible cause of this problem? Thank you.

It could be a driver problem, a LUN security problem, a switch port problem or a bad HBA.

If you are using two cards in each server, I imagine you are also using path failover software. I would reinstall that first on the server having the problem. If you are using Brocade switches, log into the switch and do a "SwitchShow" command. This will show you if the WWN of the effected HBA is seen in the fabric. Some storage arrays pull the fabric name server info into the array for LUN security. Check the status of the LUNs and make sure all four WWNs have access to the LUNs in the cluster.

Another thing to check is the cluster itself. Down one of the cluster nodes, stop the cluster disk service and the cluster service in control panel, and change startup to manual. This will stop the cluster lock manager drive (cludisk.sys) from "protecting" the LUNs. Reboot the server, and check the SCSI adapter portion of control panel to make sure both QLogic HBA instances are present and they both show devices attached.

If none of this works, I would call in DELL for support of their environment.


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