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Data missing after upgrading to Windows XP

I have recently upgraded to Windows XP. Before doing so, I burned some data files onto a CD-RW using Nero with...

an SAF CD Racer drive. I didn't test read the media since there were no errors (won't be making that mistake again) and sure enough, after installing XP, I could not read the disks. All attempts to read say "blank disk inserted" or some such.

The kicker is, I can "see" that something has been written to the disks. They're new Imation CD-RWs and I can see where there is a darker section from the inside out. When I look at another disk that does work, the written to area looks darker. Is it possible that I wrote to the RW disk in CD-R format? Is there someone who can read these disks without me having to take out a second mortgage?

I'm not sure why you can't read those disks. I haven't seen the problem you're describing before. I would suggest installing third party CD-RW software and seeing if that helps.

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This was last published in December 2002

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