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Data migration approaches for SMBs

Learn what the best data migration approach for your SMB in this expert response.

Should SMBs use a different data migration approach than enterprises?
On the surface, it seems natural to assume that the large enterprise, responsible for migrating systems with thousands of clients and years of data, would have a bigger challenge with their data migration approach. But I've met many small- to medium-sized business (SMB) customers that face a real quagmire when it comes to data migration because there's been so much customization and integration between applications and clients, and because they're less equipped with manpower, good information about their data, and tools.

It often comes down to realistically assessing what your data and management practices are in the first place. Are you well equipped with skills, manpower and adherence to well thought-out data storage policies? Do you have a heavily consolidated and efficient infrastructure to start from? Do you have the resources for data migration tools that can expedite movement, minimize disruption, and guarantee data integrity across a migration? If you can answer yes to all of those questions, then you should step forward, because you may be the most efficient IT operation on the planet. These capabilities vary for every IT shop, whether they are an SMB or enterprise, but typically the SMB has a tough time answering very many of these questions with a yes.

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