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DSS drives

I have a DEC TLZ09 backup drive and it all works fine with DDS2 tapes. I purchased 16 tapes that are DDS3 format and the drive rejects them. Do I need a new drive to handle the DDS3 format or is there a software workaround available? I use Veritas Backup Exec for 98.

It's been AWHILE since I've done DDS drives, as I find them highly unreliable. (I cut my backup teeth on 8x00 8mm drives and DDS1/DDS2 drives.) There are better, more reliable drives that are similarly priced.Having said that, I remember that the DDS1 drives did the same thing with DDS2 media, and there was a dip switch that you could flip to tell them to ignore that. Having said THAT, those drives are not designed for that media. Each generation of DDS media got thinner, which means that your drive will probably get even more unreliable.

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