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Creating active mirrored pairs

Is it possible to create active mirrored pairs between heterogeneous storage systems (e.g., mirror data from EMC...

Symmetrix to IBM Shark)?

Yup, but not in hardware. One of the ways I have used to migrate data between storage arrays (in NT clusters for instance) is to use two paths over the SAN out to two disparate storage arrays. You can create a similar LUN in both arrays, and then use the host to create the mirror set. Under NT, you can use disk admin to create the mirror.

Another approach is to use virtualization software on the host. Veritas VxVM for Solaris or Compaq Virtual Replicator for NT can do this for you.

The last approach is to use virtualization hardware like StorageApps or FalconStor and connect both arrays to the virtualization engines. This can provide a protected "POOL" of storage for your system.


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This was last published in September 2001

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