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Connecting storage boxes and servers

Hello Marc,

I came across a technical question and suppose a situation like this:

  • One Sun server
  • One EMC storage box
  • One Hitachi
  • Two of the same JNI HBAs (Jaycor) installed in the server

If I want to connect both storage boxes from different vendors to the server, which drivers will I use? Generic drivers, JNI, Hitachi drivers to JNI HBAs, EMC drivers to JNI HBAs? What is the best choice? Should I use a different model JNI HBA to each storage box?

All the vendors' roles specified here can vary (Sun, HP, IBM, HDS, JNI, QLogic, Emulex, Compaq).

Thanks in advance.

The optimal solution would be to use the driver specified by the subsystem manufacturer for the HBA connecting to that subsystem. Of course you would need to make sure that the system would be able to bind both drivers to their respective HBAs correctly. If the system won't allow you to bind both drivers I would try to use the generic driver next.


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