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Connecting an MSA 1500 to an EVA 4000

Storage expert Greg Schulz discusses how to connect an MSA 1500 to an EVA 4000.

What is your opinion about connecting a MSA 1500 and EVA 4000. Should we keep them seperate or, if required, connect them via Fibre Channel switch?
Without knowing more about your environment and instead of reciting some common generic configuration responses, here are some questions to ponder or to address to come up with a better answer to your question.

  • First, how many servers do you have, and what are you trying to accomplish?
  • Are you looking to connect them to the same or common set of servers via a common Fibre Channel (FC) or iSCSI SAN or via a NAS gateway?
  • While it is possible to attach an MSA1500 and EVA 4000 via their FC ports to a common FC fabric switch, what are your applications' characteristics, availability and performance requirements?
  • How many servers do you have, and what types of operating systems and applications?
  • How are you currently accessing the MSA1500 and EVA5000 from your servers?
  • Dig Deeper on SAN technology and arrays

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