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Configuration issues

Do you see any issues with the following configuration?

Veritas NetBackup v3.4.1
(2) SGI Onyx2 running IRIX 6.5.12 as media servers with QLogic 2200 Fibre HBAs going into a Brocade 3200 Fibre switch with a Crossroads 8000 - (2 Fibre and 8 LVD SCSI) going in to StorageTek L80 tape library with (6) Seagate LTO LVD tape drives.

This looks ok to me. The L80 should be supported by Veritas. I would check the VERITAS Web site to make sure you have all the correct patches installed on the SGI media servers.

As for the SAN hardware being used, you also need to check with your SAN storage vendor to make sure the configuration is supported by THEM. The QLogic 2200 supports 1Gbit speeds, where the Brocade 3200 is a 2Gbit 8-port switch. Is there a reason you are not using a 2Gbit HBA in the IRIX servers? Using the QLA2200 will not take advantage of the newer Brocade switch. You may want to upgrade your HBAs, and upgrade the rest of your components to utilize the 2Gbit fabric connections. If there is any 1Gbit in the path, everything on that path (even if the switch is 2Gbit) will revert back to 1Gbit mode.


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