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Conceptual thinking

We currently have Sun StorEdge 9960 (Hitachi) SAN and all the Sun boxes that run Oracle applications lying here. We also run Siebel's eCRM applications but they contain Compaq Proliant servers running Windows.

How can I bring the Siebel servers on the same SAN? Can you please explain how much work would be needed to do so and how would it work conceptually.

Thanks in advance.

You were not very specific about how many switches you were using or how many servers you have and need to connect. I'm also not sure if you are using dual fabrics or not. I would recommend this by the way.

To answer your question, you can mix the Sun and Windows servers together in the same fabric. Just zone them apart in the switches. Unlike Solaris that just does a SCSI scan to find anything it can see and then will ask you to write a signature on anything it finds. If it finds one of your Solaris disks and you let it write a signature, then it's goodbye data.

Zoning the environments apart in the switches prevents this from happening. On the SE9900, you will need to assign a "mode set" for the storage port to tune the port for the Windows environment. You can share a single storage port between Solaris and Windows on an SE9900 as long as you are not using clusters. If you don't use clusters, just set the port to the standard setting of mode type "0." If you use clusters, then use separate storage ports for the different environments. The newer SE9970 or SE9980 can have 128 different operating systems per port so this would not be an issue on the new boxes.

If you have free switch ports in the SAN, just put an HBA in each Windows' server, connect them up to the switches, create your zones to separate out the different environments and boot the servers.

You can then use the GUI utility provided with the SE9900 to create LUNs for the Siebel servers. Use the Santinel LUN security inside the storage array to assign each LUN to its respective server. This is important, since if you are sharing a storage port between multiple servers in a SAN, you want to make sure that each server can only see the LUNs you assign to it. Just check the box labeled "use security" in the GUI for that port and then assign the HBA WWN addresses in the servers to the LUNs you create.


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