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Clariion CX700 vs. Symmetrix 8830

Is the Clariion CX700 is able to reach the same performance as a Symmetrix 8830? Each has the same number of Fibre Channel ports, but there are other differences: the CX has 8*2 Gbps, while the 8830 has 8*1 Gbps; the CX has 8 GB cache, while the 8830 has 16 GB cache; the CX has 73 GB/15 K disks, while the 8830 has 73 GB /10 K disks.

I know Symmetrix is for enterprise use, and Clariion for the midrange, and that 8830 was developed in 2000, and CX in 2003. I wonder what your opinion is of these two products in comparison with one another.

There are generational changes in products and one that is four years old is usually significantly different that one is comes out today. For the two products you talk about, there are differences in cache and the implementation for the advanced functions of point-in-time copy and remote replication. If you just want to compare on performance, then take the "speeds and feeds" numbers, but it's really more complicated than that. You really need to look at all the characteristics for your particular application and environment.

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