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Choosing the right SSD application for addressing VDI boot storms

Marc Staimer, founder of Dragon Slayer Consulting, discusses how to choose the right SSD application for VDI boot storms in this Expert Answer.

What is the best SSD implementation for dealing with boot storms associated with VDI? We've read about organizations deploying SSD arrays for VDI -- are there other, less costly options?

There is no "best" SSD implementation for dealing with VDI boot storms. It depends on the number of virtual desktops. It depends on the storage network. It depends on the IO of the physical server. It depends on the network-to-the-virtual-desktop device.

There are always lower-cost options. There is the software option (Atlantis Computing, Sanbolic and Virsto). And, if there is a lot of excess capacity available, there is always short-stroking the HDDs that are not being used. I don't recommend this option for the long-term. However, for a short-term fix, it works pretty well.

NOTE: SSD storage system costs are plunging pretty fast right now because of NAND die shrinkage, built-in deduplication, and improved error detection and correction flash storage controllers that make MLC practical.

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