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Celerra and F840C solutions

My company is evaluating two products for our NAS solutions. We have the Celerra from EMC and the F840C from Network Appliance. The F840C seems much easier to manage and has a lower cost as well as being faster from what I understand. I was wondering what your experience and opinions are with these two solutions.

We don't make specific product recommendations but point out issues to consider. The Celerra is a very high-end product with the highest overall performance when fully configured. It has additional complexities due to using a Symmetrix for its storage.

Network Appliance has been the market leader for NAS for quite a while and has a history of very successful products. The price you pay is dependent on the deal you make - it's a very competitive market right now. I'm sure both solutions will solve your problems but you need to look at your requirements - performance, administrative effort, price, backup, data sharing, etc. and see how each addresses them to make an informed decision.

Every customer has differences in their needs so a simple answer (although it is simple for the vendor) does a disservice to the customer.

Randy Kerns
Evaluator Group, Inc.

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