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Career options/future for storage architects

What certifications or experience do I need to have in order to move into the role of storage architect? What do you recommend?

Two comments on the storage architect:

  1. It's typically a senior position. Requires a professional who knows a lot about systems design, interfaces, controllers, microcode, Hardware, File Systems, Operating systems and software. Typically this person gets involved early, when a company is first beginning to explore a new business opportunity or product idea, and turns to their technical staff for their ideas on implementation.

    Experience needed: Demonstrated abilities to solve problems. Help customers with key issues in their specific environment. Design systems that companies actually implement for production and shipment. Requires knowledge of the *details* as to how this new systems would work, and how it makes a new contribution that represents a revenue opportunity.

  2. Having said the above, I would add:

    Requirements for this skill for new hires by companies is rare. We had just 2 such needs earlier last year. More likely to be staffed from within a company's ranks, rather than from the outside. Companies look for a professional whom they already know, and who has demonstrated this skill in previous assignments.

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