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Can I use Fibre Channel to provide access to DAS on a Linux host?

Is there a way to provide access to DAS on a Linux host via Fibre Channel? In other words, if I have a Linux server with DAS and an FC HBA, can I offer access to this storage via FC?
If what you are trying to do is to offer access to direct-attached storage on a Linux server to other servers via Fibre Channel, the answer would be no. However using NFS, CIFS, or some other file- and storage-sharing software, you could provide access to local (DAS) storage via an IP-based network. In order to make the storage available via the SAN, the DAS storage would have to be disconnected from the server and attached to the SAN using some type of storage router or gateway. Keep in mind that simply SAN-attaching the storage would only provide storage sharing of different LUNs. You would still need some form of data sharing software, such as NAS (NFS or CIFS) or a shared SAN file system.

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