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Calculating TCO/ROI in a SAN environment

First of all, I want to congratulate you for your very interesting articles and answers. I need to know if a worksheet or software exists in the market for calculating ROI in a SAN environment.

I'm working as a SAN consultant for a customer and I need to know how I can calculate the ROI and TCO. I already have the TCO tool but also I need a tool to calculate ROI. Thank in advance for your help.

I work with a guy named David Merrill who is getting a lot of industry recognition in this area. He created a great white paper on SAN ROI. The white paper is called "Developing ROI and Business Case Support for Storage Area Networks." You can use the white paper as a source to ask the pertinent questions that need to be asked of your client in order to develop an ROI spreadsheet.

Go to: http://www.hds.com/pdf/3SAN_ROI_Wht_Ppr.pdf to download the white paper for your reading enjoyment.


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