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Calculating ROI on a SAN implementation

Can you give me a matrix or explain how to calculate ROI and Cost/Benefit on a generic basis or a hospital environment?

ROI on a SAN implementation depends on a number of factors. There are many white papers available from most of the SAN vendors that cover this in greater detail than I can here.

Here are some of the things that need to be taken into account when determining ROI:

  1. Increased Disk Utilization (DAS=<40% where SAN=>80%!)
  2. Deferring Disk Procurement
  3. Terabytes (TB)-per-Administrator Improvement
  4. Reduce Data Center Rack/Floor Space
  5. Deferring Tape Library Procurement
  6. New Disaster Recovery (DR) Capabilities
  7. On-line Recoverability Options
  8. Improved Data Path Availability
  9. Reduction of General-purpose UNIX (r) and Microsoft (r)Windows NT (r) Servers
  10. Improve LAN/WAN Performance, Avoid Upgrades
  11. Reduce/Eliminate Backup Servers
  12. Reduce/Eliminate Batch, Backup Windows
  13. Storage on Demand


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