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Buying criteria

What are the key buying criteria for the multi-department, Enterprise-class NAS companies?

I believe the key criteria for large multi-departmental NAS implementations are the reduced cost of managing data for all the departments. Assume a single IT organization manages everything for all departments. A large NAS system with data management capabilities provides ease of management benefits for all departments simultaneously.

That said, the key criteria are something like this:

  • What is the total capacity of the NAS system?
  • How many departments will use it?
  • How much capacity does each department expect to use?
  • What is the data growth rate in each department?
  • When will the NAS product run out of capacity?
  • When it does, what is the plan?
  • How is backup accomplished? Can it be done at all?
  • Are there other data management tools that can be leveraged across all departments?
  • Do these tools allow each department to be treated individually?

Marc Farley

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