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Building your own NAS is not a good thing

Bits & Bytes: A user wants to know if building thier own NAS system is a good thing. Our NAS expert Randy Kerns tells him to stick with the pros.

Question: I'm looking to build my own NAS system. Is there a good guide to get me started?

Randy's answer:

Besides the word "don't"? There are many NAS devices on the market and I doubt that you can do it cheaper than what's available. Veritas offered software that you could install to make a server into a NAS at one time called SERVPoint for NAS.

Most basic file-serving software is generally available with your system and there are add-ons such as SAMBA to make a Unix server work for CIFS and PC-NFS to make a Windows servers handle NFS. Many of these are in the public domain and a Web search will identify multiple sources. The value-add features of snapshot, rollback, remote copy, etc. are not generally available but can be cobbled together with purchasing individual server software.

I highly recommend looking at the products available. It's a very competitive market now.

Randy Kerns
Evaluator Group, Inc.

Editor's notes:

Take a look at this previous ATE answer from Randy on the same subject of building your own NAS.

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