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Bits & Bytes: Researching NAS for consolidation, data replication

Storage consolidation efforts are nothing new these days. One user is considering network-attached storage to aid in consolidation efforts. Find out what expert Randy Kerns has to say about NAS as a tool to centralize storage operations.

A reader recently asked NAS expert Randy Kerns the following question:

Our company is looking at NAS solutions for storage consolidation and to do data replication to a co-location facility. We are looking at NetApps' F825 and Snap Mirror and EMC's NS600 product.

How would you rate the EMC NS600 model against the F825? Thanks.

Here's Randy's answer:

There are many factors to consider when looking at a NAS solution. You need to understand your business requirements first in order to give the proper weight to specific functions. Otherwise, something that may be impressive may influence you greatly when in reality is of little value to your operation.

We work with companies in overall storage strategies sometimes and spend most of the time looking at the business requirements. We also prepare workbooks that are useful when comparing one product against another (a NAS workbook is part of our Knowledgebase). Typically, people that do these things charge for it because it does represent some amount of work and has a value.

To make your decision, do your homework and figure out your business requirements and then look at each product's characteristics and see how they fit them and at what cost.

Randy Kerns
Evaluator Group, Inc.

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