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Best practices for storage management strategy

I am looking for a template/methodology/best practices for developing a storage management strategy. I have one from Meta Group. It's good but has some flaws. I thought I would shop around a bit. Any suggestions?
There are several great analysts and consultants that can assist you and your company in developing a storage management strategy, including Meta, Enterprise Storage Group (ESG), GlassHouse, Gartner Group, and many others, but you may be able to create your own template by looking at what I call the three Ps: the process, products, and people that are involved in delivering a specific storage service to a specific group or application. Then look at how the organization delivers these services with specific service level agreements.

Another way is to ask companies that are in a similar space as yours what they utilize as their strategy for storage management. The easiest way to get this information may be to work with your storage vendors and have the vendor coordinate with their other customers so you can have an organized discussion with another company and get exactly what you want out of the time together. This will require some homework, but in the end you will be able to gather the information that you need to help you workout your thought regarding your strategy.

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