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Backing up open files on NAS

How can I back up open files that are located on a NAS device, such as a Quantum Snap server?
Depending on the backup software package you use and the method used to back up the NAS data, there are a few ways to achieve this. If you are running the backups from a client that has access to the data on the NAS appliance, you could use any software product that supports open file backups (i.e.: ST-Bernard's Open File Manager to name only one).

However, this is not necessarily the preferred backup method since data potentially has to travel twice across the network (NAS to backup client and backup client to backup server).

If you are using NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol) based backups, which are available with the latest release of the Guardian OS, it is now possible to take NDMP "hot backups", where data is backed up while remaining accessible to the users. In fact, the WorkGroup Edition of BakBone's NetVault software is integrated into the GuardianOS v3 used by Snap Server, which enables online backups. More details are available on that option at: http://www.snapappliance.com/page.cfm?name=bakbonemain&nav=NAS

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