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Attempting to power up after an outage

I know that in case of a power outage the UPS should tell the systems to shut down cleanly if the UPS' battery is running out of power, as you write in your blueprints-book second edition on page 254.

In a two-node cluster I would use two UPSs, so that both nodes use a different UPS. If the power outage lasts so long that both nodes are shut down cleanly by their UPS, I have no solution to power up the nodes again automatically when power is up again.

I thought of some kind of power-on-LAN functionality. I searched the Web and the UPS vendor sites for information on the topic. Everywhere I go, I read that it is important to shut down the nodes cleanly, but no one mentions how to start the nodes when power is up again. If I didn't shutdown the nodes cleanly and let them crash, I could configure the BIOS to start again automatically after a power outage but this only works as long as the machine isn't shut down cleanly.

What is your suggestion on how to power up machines automatically after they are shut down cleanly by a UPS?
You need a combination of a UPS that turns back on when the power does (I understand that APC has UPSs that can do this in their non-home models; I'm sure other vendors do as well, and a server whose BIOS allow recovery after a power failure.

With that combination you should be able to get what you are looking for.

I hope this helps.

Evan L. Marcus

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