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An Oracle database on IBM ESS

Hi, could you point me in the right direction on setting up an Oracle database on an IBM ESS for optimal performance? For example, do I have to use I/O distribution across disks or controllers, or not? The environment is RS/6000 AIX 4.3.3 (HACMP on the production machine) connecting to a Shark through Fibre Channel.

Thanks in advance.

For optimal performance on an Oracle database a combination of RAID levels and database component placement works well.

If you are using multiple controllers, build a volume groups by concatenating logical volumes across controllers. For most large cache storage controllers it is not required to strip the database itself, but indexes will benefit from software striping. So RAID 1 should be used for the database and RAID 10 for indexes and log files.

Logs should be spread across controllers and striped. Archive files can be placed on logical drives to fill up physicals and flatten the access density on all drives. If available, the archive logs can be placed on larger or slower drives.

Hope this helps.


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