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All-flash array options evolve to offer enterprise-class functionality

Leah Schoeb, senior partner with Evaluator Group, discusses the development of all-flash array functionality in this Expert Answer.

How does the all-flash array compare to traditional arrays in terms of functionality -- I've heard many don't offer some of the enterprise-class functions, like snapshot and the like, which users expect. Is that still true?

This was true when all-flash arrays first came out. To get around the fact that the all-flash array itself does not support enterprise-class features, such as deduplication, replication, snapshots, thin provisioning and so on, some vendors are recommending putting a software solution that offers enterprise-class data services, efficiency and protection in front of their all-flash arrays.

Other vendors have redesigned their traditional controllers that offer enterprise-class functions to handle the unique behavior and performance of flash technology and call it an all-flash array option.  

In the future, you will see all-flash array controllers support enterprise-class functions as they evolve and mature. This will be the most efficient way to have enterprise-class functions on all flash arrays.

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