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Advice on how to connect an EMA 12000 to a SAN

I have a question about interoperability and I have not been able to find an answer. I want to connect an AMD/Opteron-based Linux system (SuSE8) to an existing SAN and share a LUN or two from an existing Compaq EMA 12000-storage node. Which HBA do I use here and is there a driver for Opteron systems?

Technically, I do not see any reason why this should not work but I need to get some statements about interoperability. But where do I turn?
Since you are connecting to an EMA12000, then the folks to ask to make sure your operating system and platform are supported is HP.

This is from the EMA12000 solution guide:

Multi-vendor platform Support for industry-leading platforms including: Microsoft 63194; Windows 63194; NT 63194; Windows 2000; Novell 63194; NetWare 63194; Tru64; UNIX 63194; OpenVMS; Sun(tm); Solaris(tm); IBM AIX; HP-UX; SGI IRIX; Linux 63194; Alpha and Linux ProLiant. visit Compaq for the latest platform support information and operating system platform connection kit availability. Array Controller Software (ACS) and Data Replication Manager (DRM) Software. This is information on the latest 8.7 ACS code:

The following is the list of qualified operating systems that work with v8.7-1.

Operating system platform versions :

Windows 2000 SP 2 and 3
Windows NT
ProLiant and x86 v4.0 SP 6a
Tru64 UNIX v4.0f/g, 5.1 and 5.1a
Novell NetWare v4.2 ,V5.1 and v6.0
OpenVMS v7.2-2 and v7.3
SUN Solaris v2.6 (32 bit), v7 and v8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
HP-UX v11.0 and 11.1
IBM AIX v4.3.3 and v5.1
Linux Red Hat Linux 7.1 and 7.2 Intel and Alpha
SuSE Linux v7.2, SLES7 (Intel only) v7.1 (Alpha)
Caldera v3.1 Intel only

Considering the above, you may need to contact HP and ask them when they will be supporting Version 8 of SuSE. The HBA to use would be the certified HBA provided by the storage vendor (Compaq/HP) that will most likely be an "KGPSA-XX" adapter, which is normally a re-branded Emulex versions. They change the drivers a bit to support securepath pathing software.


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