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Accessing the IQ store from read nodes

We have three independent Windows 2000 servers with Sybase IQ 12.5 installed on them. We are putting the IQ store on a common SAN storage (EMC Clarion CX600) by making one of the servers a write node.

However, when we try to read the IQ store from the other two servers, which act as read nodes, we are unable to read the IQ file.

Please let us know if something is wrong in the configuration.

Check to make sure that the SAN configuration is not blocking access from the read nodes. That means looking at both LUN masking definitions in your storage subsystem and zoning in any switches. Test each system, one at a time to see that it can access the storage (in other words, turn off the other systems). If they can't, then you need to troubleshoot SAN connectivity and configuration problems. If they can, and you are still having problems, you need to look at configuration/licensing issues with your OS and Sybase software.


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