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A handy list of data transfer rates

What are the data transfer rate (speed) of IDE, EIDE, SCSI and SCSI 2.

This information came from the Bitzenbytes site and I believe it is accurate.

IDE/EIDE PIO Mode 0  3.30 MB/sec.
IDE/EIDE PIO Mode 1  5.20 MB/sec.
IDE/EIDE PIO Mode 2  8.30 MB/sec.
IDE/EIDE PIO Mode 3  11.10 MB/sec.
IDE/EIDE PIO Mode 4  16.70 MB/sec.
UDMA/33  33.00 MB/sec.
UDMA/66  66.00 MB/sec.
ATA 100  100.00 MB/sec.
ATA 133  133.00 MB/sec.
Serial ATA  150.00 MB/sec.
Serial ATA II  300.00 MB/sec.
Serial ATA III  600.00 MB/sec.
IEEE 1394 (Firewire)  51.20 MB/sec.
SCSI 1  5.00 MB/sec.
SCSI 2  10.00 MB/sec.
SCSI 2 Wide  20.00 MB/sec.
Ultra SCSI  20.00 MB/sec.
Ultra Wide SCSI  40.00 MB/sec.
Ultra 2 SCSI  80.00 MB/sec.
Ultra 160 SCSI  160.00 MB/sec.
Ultra 320 SCSI  320.00 MB/sec.
Serial Storage Architecture (SSA)  20.00 - 40.00 MB/sec.
Fiber Channel (FC-AL)  100.00 - 200.00 MB/sec.


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