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2Gbit components for SANs

What's the current availability of 2GBit components for SANs today? HBAs, switches and storage arrays. I have my own solutions for this but am curious as to who else is providing this today.
2Gbit solutions are being announced daily (see this site's TODAYS TOP STORAGE NEWS section for details). This provides twice the bandwidth of current 1Gbit solutions. Your performance improvement may vary though, depending on the data type and application using the solution. Most of today's database apps use 2k or 4k transfers, and thus the current 1Gbit bandwidth is fine, but if you want to do video serving, then moving to 2Gbit makes sense. (I/Ops vs MBps). Applications most likely to benefit are those where high throughput is needed, not high I/O per second. Using 2Gbit internally to arrays though does make sense, as that will increase concurrency in the array for multiple host access. Stay tuned for 10Gbit soon!

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