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2004 High Availability predictions: Regulatory compliance, utility computing

For the year 2004, High Availability expert Evan Marcus predicts that regulatory compliance will dominate IT organizations in several ways and even though the economy appears to be on the rebound, storage budgets will be closely scrutinized.

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The IT marketplace in 2004 is going to be dominated by regulatory compliance. Organizations, large and small, are going to concentrate their IT spending on making themselves compliant with their industry's regulations such as HIPAA and SOX. This attention to compliance is likely to cause many organizations to pay less attention to other IT areas.

The long-term effects of the recent economic contraction, which appears to be ending, will be seen as the budgets for IT organizations are more closely monitored than ever. IT budgets will be given the same level of scrutiny as other organizations. The likely result of this new scrutiny in 2004 and on into the future will be new attention on utility computing where IT services are provided more efficiently. Services such as data protection, security and high availability will all be included within the umbrella of utility computing.

Evan L. Marcus

From the editor: CLICK HERE to find out more about compliance issues such as HIPAA and SOX and CLICK HERE for more information on high availability issues from Marcus.

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