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2003 consolidation/data management predictions: CRM/SRM becomes more critical

Storage consolidation/data management expert Joel Lovell presents his 2003 predictions. We asked our site experts once again to take out their crystal ball and share with you their predictions not only in their area of expertise but for the storage market in general for the upcoming year 2003.

1. Virtualization will gain wider acceptance, with the best products rising to the top and harnessing disparate environments (vendors). Enables the unified management of different storage vendor platforms -- extending the value of the technology already in place.

2. Disaster recovery over IP will gain momentum as an effective low cost way to ensure DR. This makes possible the utilization of expensive brand name storage at primary data centers and lower cost fault tolerant commodity storage at remote replication sites.

3. CRM and SRM will become more critical for business decision making, ideally, informed decisions will be based on information consolidated from multiple sources -- from finance to shipping and receiving (all departments) as well as information from the public sources such as news releases, press information, etc.

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