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Storage systems: 2011 Products of the Year finalists

Find out which products were named as finalists in the storage systems category of the 2011 Products of the Year.

Products of the Year 2011 finalistsHere are the 11 finalists in the storage systems category in Storage magazine’s and SearchStorage.com’s 2011 Products of the Year competition. The category covers Fibre Channel (FC) and iSCSI storage-area network (SAN), network-attached storage (NAS), multiprotocol systems, direct-attached storage (DAS), hard disk drives, solid-state storage, disk controllers, caching appliances, storage virtualization appliances and cloud storage gateway appliances. Finalists are listed alphabetically.

Amplidata AmpliStor Optimized Object Storage (OOS) system

AmpliStor Optimized Object Storage consists of a controller, storage node and monitoring software for cloud storage. Each of the system’s AS20 storage nodes contains 20 TB in a 1U rackmount module and uses Amplidata’s BitSpread technology as an alternative to RAID for data protection.

EMC Corp. Symmetrix VMAXe Storage System

The VMAXe is the entry-point series into the Symmetrix enterprise array family and fills the gap between EMC’s midrange VNX unified storage platform and the high-end VMAX. The VMAXe is built on the same scale-out Virtual Matrix Architecture as EMC’s VMAX system, and supports up to 1.5 PB of usable storage and 64 host ports.

EMC VNX, VNXe Series Unified Storage Systems

The VNX supports block and file storage, replacing EMC’s former Clariion SAN and Celerra NAS systems. The midrange VNX platform scales to 1,000 SAS, nearline SAS and solid-state drives (SSDs). The SMB VNXe comes in single- and dual-controller configurations and scales to 120 drives.

Fusion-io ioDrive2, ioDrive2 Duo PCIe

The ioDrive2 PCIe flash cards come in 400 GB and 600 GB single-level cell (SLC) capacities and 365 GB, 785 GB and 1.2 TB multi-level cell (MLC) capacities. The ioDrive2 Duo includes 1.2 TB SLC and 2.4 TB MLC models. The cards use Fusion-io’s ioMemory2 controller and management architecture and proprietary software to optimize performance.

Gridstore Inc. GS-1000 Scale-out NAS Storage System

The GS-1000 NAS data storage system is intended for small- and medium-sized businesses; it uses a virtual storage controller that distributes storage processing to every client connected to the array. The system automatically detects added nodes and makes them part of a virtual storage pool.

Kaminario Inc. K2-F (all flash) and K2-H (hybrid) storage systems

The K2-F is an all-flash data storage system, while the K2-H is a hybrid flash/dynamic RAM (DRAM) system that Kaminario added to its original line of DRAM storage arrays. The K2-F holds from 3 TB to 30 TB of flash, and the K2-H gives customers the option of from 500 GB to 12 TB of DRAM and from 3 TB to 30 TB of flash.

Nutanix Complete Cluster

The Nutanix Complete Cluster ships as a rackable 2U unit with four high-performance server nodes, each running a standard hypervisor and complete with processors, memory and local storage, including high-performance solid-state Fusion-io ioDrives. The system is designed as storage for virtualized data centers.

SolidFire SF3010

The SF3010 is an all-solid-state storage scale-out array for cloud storage providers. The system uses SolidFire’s inline deduplication, compression and thin provisioning. The product is built on a REST-based API with automated storage management and reporting.

StorSimple Inc. 5010, 7010

StorSimple expanded its cloud storage gateway appliances with the 5010 and 7010, adding high-availability, nondisruptive upgrades and a SAS tier to go with the SSD and cloud tiers in the original StorSimple 1010. The 5010 and 7010 can be used for primary storage, archiving, backup and disaster recovery.

Violin Memory Inc. 6000 Flash Memory Array

Violin’s 6000 Series of 3U flash arrays are for high-performance SAN applications. The 6000 is available with 16 TB of SLC flash per array for the highest performance, or 32 TB of MLC flash per array for denser, less expensive storage.


Hyper ISE is a hybrid SSD/hard drive SAN. The 3U system holds 14.4 TB of raw capacity after sparing , with 20 MLC SSDs and 20 SAS drives forming one storage pool. The system uses performance analysis and data placement software to give applications the performance they require.

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