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Storage system software: 2011 Products of the Year finalists

Read up on the nine products that were named as finalists in the storage system software category of the 2011 Products of the Year competition.

Products of the Year 2011 finalistsHere are the nine finalists in the storage system software category in Storage magazine’s and SearchStorage.com’s 2011 Products of the Year competition. The storage system software category covers file systems, volume management, storage virtualization software, security software, storage optimization applications and data reduction. Finalists are listed alphabetically.

DataCore Software Corp. SANsymphony-V R8.0 Storage Hypervisor

DataCore’s SANsymphony-V storage virtualization product added automated storage tiering, enhanced continuous data production (CDP), faster asynchronous replication and an improved wizard-driven central console. The software runs on physical or virtual Windows servers and allows users to maintain, upgrade and expand their storage without disrupting applications.

FlashSoft Corp. SE 2.0

FlashSoft’s SE 2.0 storage system software installs on the server operating system to create a read-write cache for server-attached solid-state drives (SSDs) and flash-based PCI Express cards. The server-tier cache aims to eliminate I/O bottlenecks on the server and, in turn, accelerate application performance and increase server workload.

Fusion-io Inc. ioTurbine

Fusion-io’s ioTurbine virtualization caching software can accelerate applications by redirecting I/O patterns so that flash-based storage is shared across all the hosted virtual machines (VMs) in a VMware environment. The software component runs in the background in the hypervisor and guest operating system, and rebalances I/O as VMs come and go.

Microsoft Corp. Windows Storage Server (WSS) 2008 R2 Essentials

Microsoft’s Windows Storage Server (WSS) 2008 R2 Essentials is designed to address the file storage needs of small businesses with 25 or fewer users. The software is built on Windows Server 2008 R2 and comes pre-installed on network-attached storage (NAS) appliances built by Microsoft’s OEM partners. WSS Essentials lets users do automated backups and recovery, supplies a central file location for quick search and retrieval, permits remote access, and is able to join an Active Directory domain for centralized management and security.

Nevex Virtual Technologies Inc. CacheWorks 1.0

Nevex’s CacheWorks 1.0 storage system software can offload I/O from primary storage to boost the performance of business applications running on physical Windows-based servers, and VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines. The file-based cache installs into the Windows Server operating system and allows administrators to control acceleration by application, file type and location.

Oxygen Cloud Inc. Oxygen 2.0

Oxygen’s Oxygen 2.0 enables enterprises to upgrade object or NAS storage into secure storage clouds. The software encrypts content from the core to the end-point device. Oxygen also provides LDAP/Active Directory integration for IT management.

Red Hat Inc. GlusterFS 3.2

Red Hat’s GlusterFS 3.2 open-source distributed file system is designed to handle multipetabyte deployments. Gluster makes use of a hashing algorithm and manages data in a single global namespace. The most significant new feature is synchronous and asynchronous replication within a cloud and across clouds.

Sanbolic Inc. Melio v3.5

Sanbolic’s Melio v3.5 suite integrates a clustered file system, volume management, resource provisioning and quality of service into a workload-, hypervisor- and hardware-agnostic data management platform. New features include extended hypervisor support, local server storage sharing, synchronous and asynchronous mirroring and replication, and increased scalability.

Virsto Software Corp. VDI 3.2; Virsto for VDI, Hyper-V Edition

Virsto’s Virsto VDI 3.2 is hypervisor-based storage virtualization software designed to simplify the provisioning of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) through VM-centric snapshots and clones, and to improve storage performance. It installs directly into the hypervisor and allows VM storage provisioning from within the native management environment. New features include support for Windows Server failover clusters and live migration.

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