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Storage networking equipment finalists

Check out the finalists in the storage networking equipment category for the Storage magazine and Products of the Year competition.

Below are the five finalists in the storage networking equipment category for the Storage magazine and Products of the Year competition. They are listed alphabetically by vendor.

Brocade DCX Backbone
The DCX Backbone network-switching platform allows storage administrators to consolidate servers and SAN switches while increasing application service levels and energy efficiency. Brocade's core data center product provides 8 Gbps throughput for broader server virtualization and data center consolidation.

Cisco Systems Inc. MDS 9500
The MDS 9500 multilayer director-class switch and NX-OS 4.1 OS allows organizations to deploy high-performance SANs with lower total cost of ownership. The high-performance, protocol independent switch fabric deploys with up to 13 slots and supports up to 8 Gbps Fibre Channel port speeds. The NX-OS 4.1 spans both storage networking and high-performance Ethernet, so a 9500-model chassis purchased in 2002 can be upgraded to run 8 Gbps Fibre Channel traffic.

Cisco WAAS 4.0
Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) accelerates applications and optimizes WAN connections so organizations can consolidate branch-office servers and storage in centrally managed data centers and deploy new applications directly from the data center. WAAS 4.0 includes new auto-discovery and auto-configuration features, and automatic separation of remote/branch traffic and data center replication traffic for LAN-like speed to any employee, regardless of location.

The IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) is a single point of control for virtualizing storage resources. It is designed to improve application availability, greater resource utilization, and heterogeneous system management by enabling storage-system management using a common interface. The SVC version 4.3 added thin provisioning, snapshots, virtual-disk mirroring, and support for Windows Server 2008, Mac OS X and Pillar Axiom arrays.

NetEx HyperIP 5.5
As an alternative to point-to-point data lines, the NetEx HyperIP 5.5 enables faster WAN data replication and recovery by accelerating TCP applications over standard Internet connections. HyperIP technology accelerates and optimizes data and file transfer applications, mitigates latency, and protects against packet loss to increase WAN performance.

Riverbed Technology Inc. RiOS 5.0
The Steelhead WAN acceleration appliance product line OS consolidates and simplifies remote-location infrastructure. RiOS virtualizes edge services so storage administrators can deploy existing services and applications on remote-location Steelhead appliances, accelerating application performance, and simplifying remote-location administration.

This was last published in January 2009

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