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Storage management tools finalists: 2009 Products of the Year

Find out the nine finalists in the storage management tools category in the 2009 Storage magazine and SearchStorage.com Products of the Year competition.

Below are the nine finalists in the storage management tools category in the 2009 Storage magazine and SearchStorage.com Products of the Year competition. They are listed alphabetically.

Akorri Inc. BalancePoint 3.0

Akorri's BalancePoint 3.0 agentless, performance-oriented storage management tool expanded its analysis capabilities to another piece of the IT infrastructure, storage-area network (SAN) switches from Brocade Communications Systems Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc. The latest edition also provided richer metrics for virtual machines (VMs) and data storage, and added support for VMware Inc.'s vSphere 4 and 3PAR Inc.'s InServ Series.

Aptare Inc. StorageConsole 7.0

Aptare's StorageConsole 7.0 storage resource management (SRM) suite introduced a StorageConsole Virtualization Manager to provide detailed information about virtual machines and a StorageConsole Replication Manager to give users advanced reporting capabilities. The agentless SRM tool also has a StorageConsole Backup Manager, which adds support for VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB), and a StorageConsole Capacity Manager, which was enhanced to support IBM storage arrays.

Bycast Inc. StorageGRID 8

Key product enhancements to Bycast's StorageGRID 8 software included discrete security partitions to enable service providers or IT departments to support multiple customers through a single system, and a distributed file system gateway to complement the software's distributed multitier object store.

DataCore Software Corp. SANsymphony 7

DataCore's storage virtualization product added features such as a 64-bit "mega cache" to boost SAN-wide performance, high availability for VMware environments, advanced site recovery capabilities for physical and virtual infrastructures, efficient space reclamation for thinly provisioned data storage, and support for Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE).

ParaScale Inc. ParaScale Cloud Storage (PCS) Software, Version 1.4

PCS Version 1.4 creates and manages private cloud and public cloud storage, automatically balancing capacity utilization and adjusting files and access to address hot spots. The software permits data access from every node with all protocols, and can self-configure, self-provision and self-heal.

Seanodes Inc. Exanodes Virtual Machine Edition

Exanodes Virtual Machine Edition can turn the internal or direct-attached storage (DAS) of VMware Inc. ESX Servers into a virtual iSCSI SAN, enabling users to take advantage of advanced VMware features, such as VMotion and VMware Consolidated Backup, without having to invest in networked storage.

Tarmin Technologies Inc. GridBank 1.5

Tarmin's GridBank software combines data archiving, information lifecycle management (ILM), content-addressable storage (CAS), search/e-discovery, security and audit management. With its grid architecture, GridBank provides a secondary data storage platform that claims to scale to petabytes of data and billions of objects with full fault tolerance.

Virtual Instruments Corp. VirtualWisdom Virtual Infrastructure Optimization Service

VirtualWisdom Virtual Infrastructure Optimization Service was spawned from Virtual Instruments' NetWisdom and VirtualWisdom products for optimizing SANs and virtual IT infrastructures. It provides real-time and historical monitoring and analysis of performance, utilization and availability by measuring latency, throughput and transmission errors. Users keep tabs on the environment via a GUI-based customizable dashboard.

Zetta Inc. Enterprise Cloud Storage

Unlike object-oriented competitors, Zetta's Enterprise Cloud Storage service presents itself as a network-attached storage system (NAS), with native protocol access, to enable the immediate use of current applications and tools and full file-system features, such as directories and snapshots. Additional capabilities include data protection and encryption at rest.

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