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Storage management software finalists

Check out the finalists in the storage management category for the 2008 Storage magazine and Products of the Year competition.

Below are the eleven finalists in the storage management category for the 2008 Storage magazine and Products of the Year competition. They are listed in alphabetical order by vendor.

EMC Corp. ControlCenter 6.1
EMC shipped a new version of its ControlCenter storage resource management suite in September. With ControlCenter 6.1, EMC extended its support of virtual infrastructures to thin-provisioned volumes in Symmetrix disk arrays, so users gain end-to-end visibility and control from VMware virtual guests to Symmetrix Virtually Provisioned environments. The new release also provided tighter integration with the Symmetrix Management Console and incorporated RSA encryption and certificate authorization technology for enhanced security.

Mimosa Systems Inc. NearPoint 3.5
Mimosa NearPoint 3.5 provides email and file-system archiving, ediscovery, disaster recovery and storage management in a single product. New capabilities added last year included file archiving, a tiered storage add-on module that enables policy-based data migration, a content monitoring option to assist with corporate governance and regulatory compliance, and a data "custodian collector" that scans file shares, laptops and desktops and places a "forensically defensible" copy of all selected documents and files into an archive.

NetApp Deduplication
NetApp Deduplication is a simple command-based feature that is free to users of the Data Ontap operating system that powers the company's FAS and V-Series storage systems. NetApp Deduplication works with primary storage in addition to backup and archival data. The company announced in July that V-Series customers could use the deduplication technology to reduce redundant copies of data on disk arrays from other major vendors, including EMC Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co. and Hitachi Data Systems.

Nirvanix Inc. CloudNAS
Released in October, Nirvanix CloudNAS can transform any Linux or Windows server into a virtual NAS gateway to the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network (SDN)'s encrypted off-site storage. CloudNAS mounts the SDN as a virtual drive that can be accessed via NFS, CIFS, FTP, or as a virtual tape library target, through supported archiving and backup applications. CloudNAS is available as a free download for customers with a 2 TB or greater contract with Nirvanix.

Ocarina Networks ECOsystem 2.0
Ocarina Networks' ECOsystem 2.0 appliance, which shipped last April, provides compression and deduplication for primary storage. The company claims ECOsystem can shrink online data sets by as much as a 10-to-1 ratio and reduce already compressed files types, including photos, videos, MP3 and documents such as Office 2007, PDF and Exchange. An ECOsnap feature creates time-sequenced ultra-compressed archives of storage.

SANPulse Technologies SANlogics 2.0
SANPulse Technologies' SANlogics 2.0 software, which shipped just over a year ago, aims to automate, simplify, and accelerate SAN consolidation, migration, and management. Enhancements include a Web 2.0-enabled graphical user interface that provides in-depth views of heterogeneous SAN environments through a central console, the ability to auto-generate actionable output, flexible deployment options (either onsite with an appliance or through a Web-based/ASP model) and administrator-defined role-based views to enable user-relevant access.

Seanodes Exanodes -- Virtual Machine Edition
Exanodes -- Virtual Machine Edition creates a virtual SAN. The software integrates with server virtualization products to extend their capabilities to the internal disks of application servers, converting direct-attached storage into networked storage. It has self-healing capabilities and can rebuild a 1 TB disk in fewer than 40 minutes. The product supports all types of storage devices accessible in block mode, such as SATA or SCSI disks and software and hardware RAIDs.

StoredIQ Intelligent Information Management 4.5
StoredIQ Intelligent Information Management 4.5 is an ediscovery appliance that identifies, automatically collects and applies litigation holds on only the smallest, legally defensible data set. It profiles and indexes electronically stored information on active network, email and file servers, content management and storage systems and desktops. The appliance also provides users with the ability to view real-time data topology reports and search active data using metadata, concepts or keyword criteria.

Storwize STN-6000p
The Storwize Inc. STN-6000p appliance is an upgrade to last year's bronze award winner in the networking equipment category. The product, which sits between the network switch and the storage, aims to save space on primary storage and all related copies. The new edition claims to provide compression ratios up to 15 to 1, throughput of up to 600 MB/second per Storwize node, enhanced high-availability management and comprehensive reporting on performance and compression levels.

Symantec Corp. Veritas Virtual Infrastructure 1.0
Veritas Virtual Infrastructure, which shipped in October, lets users manage their storage and virtual server operations through a single Web-based console. The product leverages Veritas Storage Foundation management software and Citrix Systems Inc.'s XenServer virtualization technology. Symantec claims that, initially, up to 16 physical servers and their underlying storage can be combined into a logical resource pool with shared configurations.

VMware Inc. Storage VMotion
Just over a year ago, VMware Inc. released a storage version of its VMotion tool, which moves running virtual machines from one physical server to another. Storage VMotion can migrate running virtual machine disk files within and across data storage systems with no downtime, continuous service availability and transaction integrity. The product supports Fibre Channel and iSCSI SANs and works with any operating system and application that runs on the VMware Infrastructure.

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